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7716 -61 Certificate in Embroidery and Design or Patchwork and Quilting


This is an exciting course of a 2 years duration


( 5 hours a week for 30 weeks)


It is available to all enthusiastic students who have an interest in embroidery.


In the first year, students will be introduced to a wide range of  techniques both traditional and modern.

Students will also be introduced to techniques and processes such as dyeing, marbling, silk painting and feltmaking as well as artwork in a variety of media such as collage, stencilling and printing.

7716 - 64 Diploma in Embroidery and Design or Patchwork & Quilting


Another exciting  course of 2 years duration


(5 hrs a week for 30 weeks)


This is available to students who have already completed the City and Guilds Certificate


In the first year students are introduced to advanced traditional and experimental techniques they will look at the English history and techniques from around the world. As well as working to a personal theme

In the 2nd year students will produce 4 finished items from their own designs.


Course Fees


The prices below include the City & Guilds Registration Fee and Certification Fees, with a small studio fee for specialist materials.The prices quoted are correct as at 10/9/2016 and are subject to change in the event that City & Guilds amend their pricing.


7716-61/7716-62 Certificate


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